Gig Gear Two Hand Touch Tablet Chest Harnesss. Compatible with iPad/Galaxy/Surface - Rugged, Heavy Duty, Durable Case and Chest Pack (Devices Up to 10.2 Inch)

Brand: Gig Gear


  • ✅ PLEASE SEE SIZE CHART to ensure proper fitment - Hands-free tablet carrying on site: Perfect for anyone who works on or uses a tablet throughout the day. The Two Hand Touch enables the user to keep their tablets conveniently close by while leaving hands free. The secure compartment folds down from the chest and holds it in a comfortable, ergonomic position, and stores flush against the chest when not in use.
  • ✅Ergonomic design: Designed to reduce strain, muscle tightening and cramping, this lightweight and flexible chest harness stabilizes the tablet at the center of the body for improved weight distribution. When dropped, the device is held at an easily-accessible level. By freeing up the hands, this harness relieves fatigue in the arms and reduces repetitive motions and hand cramping.
  • ✅Adjustable straps: Wide, comfortable straps around the waist and over the shoulders securely hold the harness in place. Tighten and loosen the straps for a customized fit.
  • ✅Specialized gear pockets: The Two Hand Touch’s two front compartments and two expandable sleeves are strategically designed. The generous pocket and pouch can hold communication devices like radios or phones, a portable battery pack, and other handheld tools necessary for on location work. The expandable sleeves can hold objects as thick as a microphone or as thin as a pen or permanent marker. Attach your Gig Gloves or other gloves to the convenient front hook.
  • ✅Fits all 9.7-10.2" tablets: Use the Two Hand Touch with the 9.7-10.2" iPad or other tablet approximately 10.2” in size. Simply slip in the tablet, secure it with the elastic side straps, and close the compartment. Using a smartphone or other device smaller than 10.2" Inner straps securely hold smaller and larger tablets in place.

Binding: Electronics

Details: Access to tablets while on set is of utmost importance for engineers, technical crew and other professionals, but carrying one around at all times can be a style cramp - literally. Holding on to a tablet keeps only one hand free, and the repetitive motion from lugging it around can cause unnecessary strain and stress on arms and hands.

Gig Gear's Two Hand Touch tablet chest harness keeps hands free while keeping a device, well, close at hand. The secure compartment fits the 9.7" iPad and other similarly-sized devices. The tablet sits flush against the chest when not in use. When open, the device is kept in an ergonomic, easy-to-access position. For those using smartphones and other devices under 9.7", additional elastic straps securely anchor smaller devices.

The Two Hand Touch is designed to keep stress and pressure off your arms and hands by holding devices in a way that doesn't involve clutching. The tablet is strategically placed close to the body's trunk, allowing for improved weight distribution that won't put unnecessary strain on the shoulders or lower back. Adjustable straps allow the wearer to loosen and tighten as needed for the perfect fit.

Specially-designed compartments are easily accessible when the tablet is folded up. The pocket and pouch are roomy enough to hold a radio, a dB meter, small cables, and any other tools that need to be at a technician's disposal, while two sleeves expand to hold any cylindrical objects, such as a permanent marker, a microphone, or a flash light. Keeping these essential supplies close further simplifies the tasks at hand.

The Two Hand Touch 9.7 will not hold iPad Pros or tablets larger than the standard iPad size, and most cases will need to be removed in order for the iPad or tablet to fit.

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 9.7 x 2.1 inches

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